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Entrevista con Alexandra Ivy

¡Hola chic@s!

Al igual que en el caso de la entrevista de Adrian Phoenix. Aquí os dejo la versión en inglés de la de Alexandra Ivy, que también podéis leer en español en el número 20 de la revista RománTica'S.

Para verla en español, pinchad aquí.

¡Espero que la disfrutéis!

* * * 

As she looked at her agenda, a smile appeared on Yuliss’ lips. She couldn’t believe the day had finally come for her. The day she would actually meet Alexandra Ivy and have the opportunity to interview her face to face. Wasn’t it exciting?

Her phone chose that moment to interrupt her little oh-my-god moment and bring her back to reality.  Looking down at the device she expected it to be some bad news from the magazine—the interview was cancelled, the author wouldn’t work with them, and so on. It was always bad news, right?

Well, not this time. And not that she complained about it at all, but she couldn’t help being a little disappointed. Where was the tension in this job?, she thought rolling her eyes.


Deleting the text message from her phone company trying to sell her a new mobile plan, she put the agenda down on the desk again and turned towards the mirror. She had to be perfect!

Once that was settled, she looked at the clock for the millionth time today. The hotel she was staying in in Chicago wasn’t too far from where she had to meet Alexandra, so ironically the wait was completely and irrevocably killing her.

“Time, move faster!” Yuliss said, frustrated that seconds wouldn’t last half of the time they normally do.

Okay, girl… you’re just thinking too much.

Indeed she was. But hell, maybe she should just leave now and meet Alexandra already!

“God, I’m going crazy” she said out loud, the little tic-tac of the clock going through her ears. “I need to get out of here.”

And so she did.

Alexandra Ivy waited for her next to the Bean, a smile on her face. Her pale skin and short hair just made her nicer. And actually, Yuliss was a little bit shocked about the place she had chosen to do the interview. Some of the authors just wanted reporters to send them the questions via email and be done with it faster that way. The fact that Alexandra wanted to meet her made Yuliss be even more excited.

“Hello, Alexandra!”

“Well, hi, sweetie. I’m glad you didn’t get lost in this big city.”

She laughed. That was right, in Spain there weren’t cities like this.

“Yeah, although I wouldn’t mind getting lost here with certain characters…” Yuliss trailed off, a hint hidden behind her words.

Alexandra laughed as well, her friendly sound joining the city’s other noises.

“That’s why I wanted to meet you here, Yuliss. We’re gonna get lost together in the streets of Chicago…”

“Oh, sounds like a good plan!” She yelled happily, starting to walk besides the author.

Yuliss didn’t know where they were heading, but she didn’t care. She had Alexandra Ivy for herself for a little while, and she was sure as hell she wasn’t going to waste any minute of her time with her.

“Alright, Alexandra. I was wondering, how did you get to create The Guardians of Eternity? Was it a dream, or a silly idea that became something bigger?”

"The Guardians were actually born out of my love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I absolutely loved the combination of horror and humor and romance.  It was different from anything I’d ever seen before and inspired me to try and create my own world of paranormal creatures."

“Oh, nice. And I was really curious to know, because in Spain we always have the feeling that if an author is from the United States, they are automatically going to have more opportunities to get published, how was your publishing process? Did you have to try in several publishing houses before Dante and Abby got a chance to get seen?”

"Oh yes!!  It took almost ten years for me to get published.  To be honest, any reasonable person would have given up after the first fifty rejections J  Thankfully I’m nothing if not persistent and eventually my historical MY LORD CARLTON was published by Zebra Regencies.  After that I wrote thirty three historicals under the names Debbie Raleigh and Deborah Raleigh before moving onto paranormals under the name Alexandra Ivy."

The conversation was pretty interesting, and Yuliss barely knew where they were anymore. Not that she cared, anyway. She had better things to be focused on.

“So we could say that getting the offer to be published in Spain was a great surprise for you, right? Can you describe how they gave you the big news?”

"It was a wonderful honor when my publisher called to tell me that I would be published in Spain.  It’s a thrill to think my books being halfway around the world.  I’m also aware that Spanish readers are very dedicated to romance and the ability to share the Guardians of Eternity with them if very exciting!!"

Some dark alleys were coming into sight, and even though the conversation was being really interesting, Yuliss couldn’t help but stop walking. Alexandra Ivy turned around, confused by why she had stopped all out of a sudden.

“Where are we going, exactly?” Yuliss asked.

“Trust me… you’ll like it” was all she answered. And well, what could she say? Darkness was tempting but also scary… sometimes.

“You know… when I was reading When Darkness Comes, I was really transported to the story; mostly because of all the funny comments that Abby says all the time. Is it easy for you to incorporate these “laugh” moments to you books or is it something you need to have so the reader don’t get bored?”

"Humor is very much apart of my writing.  Even when I was writing historicals there were characters that could give readers a laugh.  When I started with the paranormals I actually wanted them to be dark and brooding.  I love try those types of stories, but I swiftly learned that it’s just not my ‘voice’.  Even when I was trying to be dark I would end up with a silly gargoyle."

 “Well, well, well. Look who we have here visiting us…” a voice said behind them. A male voice. Yuliss started to turn around, hoping the guy didn’t have too bad intentions toward them.

Oh my God…

“Dante?” She asked, speechless. Alexandra had already gone ahead and greeted him. Obviously, he was her character!

“The same” he said, smirking. “Abby should be here in no time. But yeah… you know how females are. ‘I’ll be there in a minute, baby!’ and then it isn’t a minute.”

Both Alexandra and Yuliss looked at him raising an eyebrow. Then the latter turned to look at the author directly in the eye.

“So is the arrogance, and the ego, something that we will find in all the males in this series. Because I gotta say it’s sexy as hell.”

"Oh yes.  Although I try to make each hero unique with his own backstory and their own strengths as well as vulnerabilities.  But there’s a definite vibe of arrogance with all of them.  I just can’t imagine an immortal male with endless power as anything other than arrogant!!"

“I know, I’m hot and girls wanna do me” Dante said, grinning at them.

“Oh I know, baby. But I’m the only one that is gonna do you” Abby appeared besides her mate. “Be nice to the ladies”

Geez, she was pretty. Actually the perfect woman for the old vampire.

Talk to me about Abby. We have seen her life has been hard, and now she has found the man of her dreams. What made you make her like you did?

"I tried to give Abby the sort of vulnerabilities that most women feel.  We haven’t all been abused, but we’ve had to face adversities and overcome difficult times.  And in the end her trials have made her a stronger, more independent woman who is more than capable of taking an arrogant vampire as her mate.  They’re equal partners."

“In United States the series goes for its 10th book. But do you already know how is it going to end? Or are you still planning on writing a lot more books in the series?”

“Yeah, that’s a nice one!” Dante said, giving Yuliss a high five.

"Book nine actually has a small conclusion to a storyline, but the Guardians do go on...actually I’m working on book eleven right now.  I haven’t really considered the end of the series.  I hope I’ll know when it’s time to move on, but for now I love, love, love writing them!"

“I’ve seen that you have one more paranormal series already going on in America. Have you ever tried to write something different to vampires, demons and witches? Or, rather, would you like to try something different after them?”

Abby looked at Alexandra, waiting for her answer as much as Yuliss did. The author seemed to think a little before starting to talk again.

"I actually started writing historical romances and I really miss them.    I loved the research, the elegance of the past...the alpha men.  In the future I’d love to try a high fantasy like Game of Thrones by George RR Martin.  I can’t imagine how fun the world building would be and the opportunity to develop characters over thousands of pages!"

“That is cool! I also would love to know if you have any favorite author that you try to imitate. You know, the way of writing, the style, and that stuff. Who is your ‘writing goddess’ or ‘writing god’?”

"Jane Austen!  Which is odd for a paranormal writer, I know, but I love her humor, her ability to create characters that have endured for centuries.   I can’t imagine anyone better to try and imitate."

The end was coming to the interview, and Yuliss didn’t want it to finish. All the responses were being really interesting, and for god’s sake! She met Dante and Abby! How many people can say that? She was sure not too many.

Or maybe it’s because she was crazy? Anyway…

“And lastly, before I have to head back to the hotel, a question I always ask in all my interviews. Would you like to say something special to all the Spanish readers?”

"I’m sooooo excited to introduce the series to Spanish readers!   I’ve truly loved creating the Guardians of Eternity and each book has a special place.  I never forget that it’s because of my fabulous readers that I’ve been allowed to continue writing the books of my heart!  So a huge thank you for giving me this fabulous opportunity!!"

“I would love to go to Spain, Alexandra” Abby said, eyeing Dante, who nodded as well. “It’s a wonderful country we should visit soon, for holidays or a book signing…”

Yuliss laughed. She really liked the woman.

“That’s actually a very good idea. I want to see you there sometime!”

“We’ll see what we can do” was all that Alexandra said. Obviously these things weren’t happening just because she wanted to. Ugh, Publishing houses stuff. Fun, fun.

“Alright, seriously, thank you so, so much for the interview, Alexandra. It’s been so nice to meet you all guys” Yuliss said, her face sad and happy at the same time.

“No, thank you for the opportunity, girl. I hope to see you again soon!”

“Bye, Yuliss.  A pleasure meeting you” Abby was the one saying that.

But when she waited for the last one, Dante, to say something, he just came forward and locked his eyes with hers.

“Now you won’t remember us…” he started pronouncing, his voice so soft. “But it’s been an honor to meet you today.” 

Yuliss blinked, disoriented for a moment. But then she remembered, oh right! The interview! She had to go back to the hotel and type it all down and send it to the person in charge. She had the feeling this was going to be awesome, and she couldn’t wait to see it published already.


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