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Entrevista a Eve Berlin

¡Hola lectoras y lectores! 

Al igual que las dos entrevistas anteriores, a Eve Berlin también la entrevisté para la revista RománTica'S Magazzine y aquí os la dejo en versión original para todos aquellos que la quieran leer.

La versión en español la podéis encontrar aquí: 


Today was going to be awesome. Although I have to admit I felt a little bit nervous about what was happening—and where I was going.
Seattle. Where Eve Berlin would be waiting for me along with Alec and Dylan, or so she had told me. I still couldn’t believe I was going to meet them. I mean, hello? It’s Alec! If he’s as handsome—and hot—as I imagined when I was reading the book, I swear I will faint, and then the interview will be a total failure.
Ehh, no. Let’s hope for that not to happen or I won’t be able to look at them in the eye again.
My plane had already landed and a private taxi was waiting for me at the airport entrance. Nice! At least I won’t have to take a regular taxi and pay for it with my kidney.
I chuckled at my joke. Yeah, it was obvious I was nervous; otherwise I wouldn’t be telling stupid jokes that didn’t make any sense.
The driver didn’t ask me where I wanted to go, he already knew. Or at least I hoped he did. I didn’t want to end up kidnapped and tied up somewhere around the city.
Okay, okay. I will stop. Although I did want to end up tied up…
Aaaalright, so not going there.
“We’re here, Ms. Yuliss,” the driver informed me. I was very curious about knowing where ‘here’ was, since I had no clue where I was supposed to meet the author and the couple.
Looking up, I turned my attention to the building standing in front of us, and then, my eyes snapped open.
Oh my God…
“You sure this is the right place?” I managed to say after gulping.
He nodded. “Yes, of course. Mr. Walker clearly specified you were to be brought to Pleasure Dome as soon as your flight landed.”
“Yeah… Mr. Walker…” Alec! I hadn’t even met him yet and he already unveiled an extreme dominance. “Okay. Thank you.” I said before getting out of the car and looking doubtfully at the entrance of Pleasure Dome, the BDSM club.
Apparently, it seemed I was going to end up tied up after all…
I couldn’t help a shudder.
In that moment, the front door opened and a brown-haired woman with green eyes went out looking at me with a smile. Oh, that was Eve. She seemed to be so sweet!
“Yuliss?” she asked as she approached me.
 I nodded and pulled out my right hand.
“That would be me! I’m so excited to be here, finally.”
She took and shook it. “I’m happy you are here, too. Come on in, Alec and Dylan are waiting inside.”
Eck, talk about pressure! Trying to ignore my heart racing, I followed her and we both went it in search for the other two writers.
The atmosphere inside was completely different to anything I could have ever imagined. The sexual tension, the dominance and submission were as noticeable as the glances the other men were sending in my direction.
I gulped. It’s true I felt curious about this lifestyle, but the situation just seemed too surreal. Eve, however, didn’t turn her attention to anyone. She just kept walking.
“So, did you research a lot about BDSM to write Pleasure’s Edge? I mean, what did you do to avoid missing important details about the lifestyle?”

*I’m very open about the fact that I’ve been involved in BDSM most of my adult life (I lecture about it, and have talked about it on Playboy Radio), so for me, much of my ‘research’ has been experiencing the things I write about. I’ve been to clubs all over the country and one in Canada, so the BDSM clubs I create in my books are usually a blend of the places I’ve seen—and the Doms are often loosely based on Dominant men I’ve known and played with or had a relationship with, or are sometimes a combination of several of them. Of course, those of us in the lifestyle also very often read about the practice and psychology of BDSM. Like anything else this complex, it takes some study. And this is an excellent place to study, don’t you think?

We finally got to the room where we were supposed to talk more calmly. The problem was I didn’t feel any calmer. Alec’s eyes were fixed on mine, and even though Dylan was right beside him, in silence and watching, I still could feel his power and will go through my bones and body.
“Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, Yuliss” he said, his gaze not leaving mine. I could only nod in response. His face told me I weren’t to talk till he determined so.
But I was the one doing the interview, so what the hell!
“Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you” I greeted them. Then, pulled out my pad and pen and breathed deeply. “Would you mind if we start?”
“That’s why we’re here, sweetie” answered Eve, nodding her head.
“Okay, so… a lot of readers are pretty curious about you two,” I pointed at Dylan and Alec with my head. “And they would love to know, Alec, what was what you felt when you first had Dylan in your hands to explore and teach.”

*I felt her struggle with submitting, which only intrigued me more. I love a challenge, and even though I’d spent years playing with women who submitted to me easily and eagerly, Dylan’s fight against it is what finally drew me in. I loved the fire in her from the start. And the fact that she’s so beautiful…well…that just made her irresistible.

“And Dylan… what did you feel and think the first time you knew you were going to have sex with him? Did you know already he was gonna be the man of your life?”

*I’ve always thought of myself as a sexually sophisticated woman. Sex with a gorgeous man without any other expectations is something I’m comfortable with. So, no, the first time we were together, I had no idea it would turn into anything more than an amazing experience with one of the hottest men I’d ever seen.

I also thought of myself as someone who didn’t need to be in a relationship, and falling for Alec took me totally by surprise. I think I struggled with that even more than I did in admitting that I wanted to submit to him. But ultimately, loving Alec won over. How could I resist?

I listened to them with attention. Their fingers were entwined at all times, and they both seemed to be lost in the other’s words. Alec liked his woman’s response, or so I thought by the satisfaction that sparkled in his eyes.
“Good girl.”
Dylan’s body went completely submissive, but so did mine. Oh my… that voice…
Shaking my head, I focused again on the interview. This time I turned around to face Eve.
“I know you must be bored of the same questions, but I’m particularly curious about what you think about the Fifty Shades phenomenon. Does it bother you the ‘discovery’ of this ‘new’ genre?”

*I’m thrilled about it! Of course, erotica and BDSM fiction have been around for many years—I wrote my first BDSM novel, THE DARK GARDEN (written under my other pen name, Eden Bradley) back in 2005—but the fact that Fifty Shades has brought these kinds of books to the attention of the mainstream reader is wonderful, for readers and for writers. And I love that it has allowed women to be more open about admitting to their sexual desires.

“Because of this phenomenon, now there are a lot of romance books based on BDSM. Would you go further in erotica to try to outstand in the big tide of erotic books that are now being published?”
*Well, again, I’ve been writing BDSM for a very long time, and as someone who is actually involved in the lifestyle that’s always going to be very natural for me. So yes, I’ll be writing a lot more BDSM books!

Alright… I felt it was time to change the subject. Fifty Shades had already gotten too much prominence already. By their faces, I could guess they thought the same as well.

“In Spain the second book of the series is about to be released. Can you tell us a little bit about it? What are we gonna find in it?”

*Book Two, which is called DESIRE’S EDGE here in the US, is about Alec’s best friend Dante and Kara, a woman he’s known since high school. The kink is a bit less hard-core in this book—I’d probably call it a spanking book, mainly, although there are a few other interesting things going on, of course. But if you’ve ever fantasized about being bent over a desk and spanked by a tall, dark, gorgeous man, then this might be the book for you! And Dante is…well…he just makes me melt.

Both Alec and Dylan nodded and smiled. They knew something I didn’t, but I would find out anyways.

“So that means this second book will be more intense than the first one? Can you tell us some experiences from when you were writing it?”

*This is a very emotional book, and I think Kara is a woman so many of us can relate to. I often listened to music before sitting down to write this book—moody songs about love. I was in love at the time, myself, which made that journey more intense for me. I cried while writing the ending of the story!

Oh, I was liking this stuff. I could barely wait to read it already! Eve grinned at me, as if reading my thoughts, and I smiled her back. I wasn’t done yet!

“Almost everyone thought you were going to pair Mischa and Dante when reading the first book. How come they won’t end up together?”

*Mischa has her own path to follow, which you’ll find out about when Book Three releases there! And really, Dante and Mischa are not each other’s types. Mischa, a tattoo artist, is a bit of a wild child, and Dante is the smooth attorney. He definitely has his bad boy side, but he keeps it under wraps most of the time. Mischa’s perfect match is another friend of Alec and Dante’s—a man whose bad boy side is loud and clear. I can’t wait for you to meet Connor!

Ohh… that was interesting. Then, I checked my watch, I still had time till I had to come back to the airport and come back to Malaga to finish and edit the interview. Turn to spill the last question and get out of this extremely awkward place.
“So, lastly, I would like you to tell something to all our Spanish readers that are awaiting expectantly the next novel in the series. I know they love when authors do that!”

*I think you’re going to fall in love with Dante, and want Kara to be your best friend. These two together are hot and sensual---I definitely had to keep a fan on my desk while I was writing their love scenes! And there are a few twists to the story…but I can’t tell you—you’ll just have to read it when it comes out!

“Thank you, Eve. It’s been a pleasure!” I said pulling my pad into my purse. This was going to be great when all the corrections and editing were made.
Alec, then, approached me and smirked.
“I hope you don’t have to leave so soon”
There was promise in his voice, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not… yet.
“Eh, I-I…”
“Yeah. I still have time” I managed to say.
Dylan smiled at me and then at Alec. Oh geez… That couldn’t be good.
“Good girl.” Alec finally pronounced, then the door opened and a really muscled and tall guy entered. Oh my, was he hot! “I want you to meet someone…”
See? I knew it! I was gonna end up tied up somewhere in Seattle!


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